Canada’s well-known as a top winter destination, but sometimes the options are overwhelming. We simplified the decision making process with a unique, engaging Facebook application that let users play five quirky mini games to discover their “Winterscope”: taking the key character traits of the user’s winter personality and matching them up with an iconic Canadian winter spirit animal to suit their style: a Mountain Moose, a Snowy Owl, or a Polar Bear with Cubs. These characters were each paired with a handful of Canadian mountain resorts that were appropriate to their personality so the user could explore their winter options further.

The cute character illustrations by Jose Ortiz were a big hit, and users were prompted to reach out to their friends by suggesting which character they thought their friends matched up with.

Campaign engagement in the Australia was high, so the creative was adapted and the campaign rolled out globally, targeting the UK, Germany, France, and Mexico, along with variants that launched in South Korea and China.

Client: Canadian Tourism Commission

Agency: DDB Canada


Role: Creative / Digital Strategist / Execution