BC Dairy Association – Music Makes More Milk

Music Makes More Milk

Studies have shown that music makes cows produce more milk, so we decided to let BC’s milk drinkers get in on the fun with a website where they could create milk-inspired moo-sic of their own in a competition judged by the cows themselves.

The site was comprised of a full-fledged music sequencer that allowed participants to create the rhythm using a selection of drums and bass instruments, piano-based melodies, and a bevy of bovine samples.



Participants could unlock additional sounds by plugging in UPC codes from milk cartons purchased in British Columbia. After an elimination round in which our musicians were voted out by a jury of their peers, it was time for judgement day with the most discerning listeners of all: the cows. Prizing was awarded on the basis of how much milk was produced on the days cows listened to each song.

The campaign got oodles of bubbly love internationally, with praise from PSFK, Contagious Magazine, AOL, and even Canada’s state media mothership, CBC.

iPhone-toting wanderers weren’t left out in the cold; we created a mobile site where milk drinkers could skim tracks and milk the contest for all it was worth.


Client: BC Dairy Association

Agency: DDB Canada


Role: Digital Strategist

View the Music Makes More Milk site.