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GuideAdvisor is a Singaporean travel startup with an opinionated view on what makes for a great trip. I’ve worked extensively with their team in a multi-faceted development role.

Some hefty tasks:

  • Custom Google Analytics dashboard for a user’s GuideAdvisor stats
  • Oauth2 integration with Google Analytics to pull in a user’s own website stats
  • Custom XMLRPC API / The Traveler
  • Abstract class interfaces for underlying data model
  • JS Search Results Filtering

CRON / WP-CLI Scripts for:

  • Automatically grabbing coordinate information for Trips using Google Maps API
  • Normalizing and stabilizing inconsistent data models
  • Retrieving, processing, and caching data used by Google Charts for display in a custom Tour Operator reporting dashboard
  • Generating JSON data for use in SmartSearch field
  • Sending regular reporting emails
  • Downgrading expired accounts
  • Cleaning up orphaned objects / scanning for data inconsistencies